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Waiting on the Moon

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Spring of 2016 has been pretty busy! I finally climbed back in the studio after a long break from recording so that feels good.... I’m looking forward to all the things that come with that... and hopefully a new record in the Fall. I’ll keep you posted.

Also... It’s nice to play music with Jody Westerlund again... The Jody West Band has reunited. It’s all the same guys, Jody, Bart Robins, Nick Gori, Paul Soroka and me but we have a new name... The Honey Badgers. Our first gig of the season is on May 7th , a fundraiser for a good organization called Chimes. Our friend Marty Lampner is the President and we’re happy to play this one again for him. We’re also playing out at the BBQ joint and some other venues so check the schedule for that.

Food and music go so good together I cannot help but mention the BBQ joint. Things are starting to heat up there, Still running the Smoked Chicken Chili special but as the weather gets warmer we'll start up with Smoked Chicken Salad with Granny Smith Apples, Tomato Avocado Salad , Carolina Caviar which is a cold black eyed pea salad with all kinds of good stuff in there........ And then there's the Banana Pudding for sure....
The Pork, the Ribs, the Chicken.... they're the same and that's the good news !

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Michael Buckley Interviews Linda Nelson — WRNR Radio, Annapolis
Listen to the interview (27:52)

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October 2002 — Music Monthly: Molasses Review
Most likely Linda Nelson titled her CD Molasses because of the mention of it in her song “Uncle Buck”. However, I’d like to think it’s because her voice reminds me of it-thick and sweet with a hint of tang. [more]

Food, Glorious Food

Linda is a dessert chef and this is the place to talk about, what else, FOOD!
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