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Slow Parade

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Slow Parade Story

The new record is finally here just in time for Spring.

Another one recorded at John Grant's studio, Secret Sound, our 5th record together. I also recorded some tracks with Nick Sjostrom down at Clean Cuts Studio so it was good to have a nice mix of sounds. An amazing crew on this one... On guitars, Rob Thorworth, John Grant and Tim Pruitt. John Thomakos and Hoppy Hopkins on drums. Eric Scott, Jay Dulaney, Jeff Reed and Nick Sjostrom on bass, Brian Simms on keys, Dave Hadley on pedal steel, Johnathan Yudkin on fiddle. I also did a few songs with Caleb Stine and Laura Whortman and Kagey Parrish of the Honey Dew Drops so that was some good fun there.

Recording is always adventure. Slow Parade was a 2 year ride but I tend to like a long soak with ideas and sounds, following stories in books to guide me thru. This record is a call to keep those fundamental ways we connect alive, whether it’s with folks or the woods. It’s an interesting challenge to try to create peaceful places and wilderness inside a studio. I dig it and get lost in that... it was a fun ride.

There is a CD release party on May 11th at Andy Nelsons BBQ from 6-10:00. Some good friends and really great musicians will be there. Rob Thorworth, Hop Hopkins, Nick Sjostrom, Gary Gilpin, Arty Hill.

The Bottom Rung will open the night, featuring The Honey Dew Drops and Caleb Stine.

You can get CDs at Andy Nelsons BBQ in Cockeysville and CD Baby

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Michael Buckley Interviews Linda Nelson — WRNR Radio, Annapolis
Listen to the interview (27:52)

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October 2002 — Music Monthly: Molasses Review
Most likely Linda Nelson titled her CD Molasses because of the mention of it in her song “Uncle Buck”. However, I’d like to think it’s because her voice reminds me of it-thick and sweet with a hint of tang. [more]

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